Self Development

I have many things across my mind recently, most of them are job and way of life related. In my opinion and thought, the way we live our life including work, socialize with people, contribute to the world, etc. should be coherent.

I live and grow in community, so we are. I have a close relationship with it, in an implicit manner ;-) and I should dedicated myself to the development of surrounding it.

But, in the other hand, we have people around us who want to “inject” ideas on what things should be taken by us. They force us to do something, specifically to take a way in our crossroad of life. “You should choose this way, it will makes you famous, have a great career, … sometime”.

My response to the most of them are always ignore and despise! yes, they give us many considerations, they want us have a decent life, … I know, they all love me and do not want me to be an awful person with no future, but I think we should care about values, the implicit factors, not the explicit ones.

Like two points in roadmap for success written in my another blog from pak Gatot’s book review:

  • choose a life that gives us to grow and develop ourself
  • focus on self development, not self fulfillment.

Satu tanggapan untuk “Self Development

  1. I recently read a couple of wonderful self development books called The Teachings of Billionaire Yen Tzu. They have had a profound effect on my life. I keep them by my bed and open them every morning at a random page and something wonderful and wise comes out for me perfect for that day. I wish I could tell everyone about the teachings because they work on so many different levels that they can help absolutely anyone in their life.

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