For the last two years, I think I haven’t been living happily. I just realized when I read Rudi’s notes on Facebook on “how and why girls are selfish” :D

I think that note gave me a way of thinking from different angle, looking how we, as a men, making an interaction and relation with women. Yes, the title of happiness of this post is less or more related to how I live my life while maintaining a relationship with a girl :-)

That sounds funny if you’ve not heard stwn openly tells a “romantic” story about the kind of thing. Bear with me, this is wise-mode man talking haha.

I agree that women are emotionally driven for attention, comfort, … They don’t make all responses to men based on men’s effort, but their emotionally things that will give them feel like a queen.

In the last part of the note, Rudi said we, men, should prioritize our happiness over women. We won’t give women happiness if we’re not happy with us and our live.

I remembered how I indirectly dissatisfied myself and all people who love me, told them how my life is not run as I planned it, and all about regret. Maybe you didn’t see me doing and thinking that kind of thing, but trust me I don’t feel great about my life lately.

So, let’s smile, start our happy hours, and make ourself the happier men in the world!


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