How Did Red Hat Get Its Name?

Do you know how did Red Hat get its name? Bob Young, the Co-Founder of Red Hat, explained it in a video:, you can download it from Red Hat’s website. It’s just my summary transcript of what i could catched from the words out of Bob’s mouth :-)

There are three official versions (stories in a history of Red Hat’s name), and you can take. The three official version are:

Version Number 1:
The Red Hats have been a symbol of liberty throughout western civilizations. Slave rebellions wore the rebels, identify each other by the Red bandanas as their wore. In the French revolution, revolutionaries wore the Red “co*****”(?), as their strung the bastilles. There’s a tradition in western civilization that Red being a symbol of liberation and challenge of authority.

Version Number 2:
Marc Ewing owned a Red baseball cap or baseball-cap-like hat, if you remember these from pictures of the sporting team. That rowing teams all pose with their little team caps, if you remember what they were look like. And Marc had inherited his grandfather, Cornell, lacrosse cap which was Red. Marc when he was in his university, named his software projects: Red Hat 1, Red Hat 2, … just for differentiate it from his friends. So, of course when he started Linux Project, he just named it: Red Hat Linux. …

Version Number 3:
Marc, when he wore his Red cap around Carnegie Mellon, when he went to school, walk in his campus. If all his friends who weren’t in a computer science course have a problem with their PC: “Geez, my PC is not working”, and the other friends said “You should talk to my buddy, Marc”. And they asked “Who’s Marc?” Marc is the guy in a Red Hat. So at least among immediate friends, Red Hat became synonymous with the technical expertise.


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